End Road Rage - Be Nice

Can't we all get along?
Be nice to other drivers.
The CHP will get me when you are rude.
Do onto other as you would want them to do to you.

Road Rage is becoming common in our world of fast pace, all for yourself, stressors. Because there are so many people in the world, people treat other people badly in the assumption that they will never see these people again and thus can get away with it. Ken's rule of driving is to treat everyone you meet as if he or she might be the person about to interview you for a job.

No one is busier than I am. I'm always trying to cram 40 hours of work into a 24 hour day. If I can drive the speed limit, stop for red lights, yield, and be courteous - all of which I do - then everyone else can.

Psycho Driver of the Year - 2011

Gray Toyota Highlander.
California license: 6ANF841
7:30 AM, Tuesday, October 4, 2011
East bound 118 west of Tampa in Northridge, lanes 3 and 4.
I was in the number 5 lane having just entered the freeway and was behind a truck. Not only did I need to move left to stay on the 118 after an upcoming interchange, but didn't wish to be behind the truck. Other cars were also moving left. There was a small space of a few car lengths, the type of situation that is usual in heavy traffic. I signaled and started left. Cars do this all the time. Cars do it to me 50 times a day, and half of them do it without signaling and quicker. I was trying to be safe and courteous. The driver behind in the #4 lane decided it was his personal lane and accelerated to try to cut me off. Then he went berserk. He moved left, passed me, and then cut back in front. Recognizing this hostile act and now realizing he was going to harass me, I slowed down. Once he was three feet in front of me, he hit the break and slowed from about 60 MPH to about 30 MPH. Fortunately I had already anticipated and slowed down also and stayed a few feet behind. Now I wanted to get away from this Psycho so I signaled and started moving left and he matched my maneuver and stayed in front. I moved back and so did he. Then I saw an opportunity to move when he couldn't and moved all the way left where I really didn't want to be, but he couldn't follow but flashed a very angry look. He was middle age and bald, and very angry. Fortunately he had to take the interchange the other way and I was able to move back to the right side. I am a slow driver and usually drive the right side but now traffic made it hard to move back but eventually I succeeded.

I really don't understand his anger. People switch lanes in front of me dozens of times a day and often with less warning and closer. I didn't slow down in front of him, as many have done to me, he got closer because he was using his gas peddle. I think he was just angry and felt he owned the lane. There was no excuse to try to cause, not an accident, but an intentional. This man not only should not be allowed on the drive the freeway, he shouldn't be allowed to walk the sidewalk.

The Importance of Yielding

I just had my driving record ruined, paid a huge fine, wasted a day and $150.00 going to court, because I was speeding. The reason I was speeding was that I was trapped on the wrong side of a row of cars that wouldn't yield the right lane and I was trying to reach the only opening I could see as my exit approached so I could use a rest stop after four hours of driving. I drove 749 3/4 miles of this trip staying below the speed limit, and 1/4 miles desperately trying to get ahead to the only opening I saw to reach an exit I needed that was less than a mile ahead. CHP Officer S. S. chose to cite me for speeding which I was forced to do rather than the cars that wouldn't yield. S. S. confidently told the judge how I passed three cars - yes, three cars that wouldn't let me into the right lane who then went on their way without punishment. I guess there is more revenue in a speeding citation than a failure to yield citation. The slowest car in California got a speeding ticket while the cars that forced me to speed for only a short distance, got away. This is justice? The CHP owes me $500.00 and an apology.

Failure to yield causes more problems than speeding, but is rarely enforced. If you are in a position to yield, do so, you would want someone else to yield to you. If you can't get to the exit, this lesson taught me, stay on the freeway until you run out of gas. As for Officer Sadin, may you be unable to reach the exit next time you need a rest stop.

The True Purpose of a Car Horn

The car horn is intended to be a warning device, not an expression of impatience and anger.

The car horn is designed to alert others to potential dangers. "You are about to back into me." "You are about to run over that old lady."

Too many drivers think the car horn was designed to express that they aren't happy with other drivers. Ironically, when a driver uses a horn to tell some that the horn honker thinks the other driver is an idiot, actually the honker is advertising that he/she is an impatient idiot.

Yesterday, my wife was driving and intentionally parked toward the outer end of a large parking lot where there was plenty of empty spaces. As she fumbled to lock the car, a woman in a small white car honked that my wife was taking too long. Two spaces on were many empty spaces. I looked at the driver and sat down in the middle of the empty space and started reading until the impatient woman drove on.

Can't we all get a long?

Passing Put Him Behind

I was driving the speed limit and a white pickup truck carrying a large wood beam changed lanes to go around me and then back in front. I guess I wasn't going fast enough. A half hour later I noticed that I passed the same truck and I never exceeded the speed limit or changed lanes. All his effort to get ahead left him behind me while I passed him without trying. As I changed lanes in front of him to exit, through my rear-view mirror, I noticed he was talking on a hand-held cell phone. I guess he had to drive fast to make up for slowing down to make phone calls and not pay attention to his driving.

Motorcycles vs Cars

Cars. Watch out for motorcycles. Motorcycle riders feel exposed and vulnerable, even though they do choose to ride the things. Car drivers often don't see them as they lane split and change lanes. Then on the other hand, I once yielded to a motorcyclist, I moved over to allow him more space for lane splitting, and he flipped me off. Not sure why my courtesy received this response. Another time I made a safe and legal lane change and a motorcyclist some distance back flipped me off because he felt he owned the lane. When I last saw him, he was exiting, still motioning to me to follow him off the freeway. He may have been a stupid hot head, but I wasn't and had no interest in getting into a fight over a freeway lane.

Cars vs Trucks

Cars. Trucks are bigger than you. They can't stop as fast or maneuver as quickly as you. Also truck drivers don't like to jackknife their trucks to avoid foolish drivers. Also, trucks are bigger than you. Cars, in a contest with a truck, you'll loose.

Pedestrians vs Cars

Pedestrians have the right of way (in some states) in crosswalks. Pedestrians don't have the right of way outside crosswalks, when the light is red, or the car has already entered the intersection. Pedestrians, in a contest with a car, you'll loose.

Passing with No Purpose

This has happened to me a few thousand times and mystifies me. I need to change lanes to turn or exit the freeway. I signal to the car behind and wait for an opportunity. The impatient driver behind me, seeing the turn signal and should realize that I am trying to get out of his way, instead, changes lanes into the space I need, passes me, and returned to the original lane ahead of me. Since I was trying to get out of his way, he gained nothing since had he done nothing, I would have gotten out of his way. Instead, the open space in the next lane that I needed is now ahead of me and out of reach and I missed my turn or exit. Because he was impatient, inconsiderate, and selfish, he gained nothing and I missed my turn. This is just stupid.

Passing Slows Us All Down

As I drive the Sepulveda Pass between West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, I've noticed something. About half way through the pass, traffic eases and everyone is able to drive faster. No one has gotten off, it just picks up. Why? Because there are few on and off ramps, everyone has settled into a lane, and there isn't as much lane changing. My conclusion, if the impatient among us would stop unnecessary lane changes, we all, including the lane changers, would get where we are going quicker. But people are too self absorbed to do this.

Merging Lanes

The rule for courteous driving is when two lanes merge, alternate. One car goes from one lane, and then a car from the other. Then a car for the first lane and then a car from the other lane. Continue this. Note: driving a BMW or Mercedes doesn't allow you to go out of turn.

Changing Lanes

The law does allow you to change lanes when safe, unless prohibited by lines or signs. However, I want to emphasize, "when safe." When your rear bumper is even with the front tire of the car in the lane you want to be in, this is NOT safe. You should be several car lengths ahead, more at higher speed, before beginning your lane change. Just because you are driving a large pickup doesn't mean the other car has to hit the breaks to avoid a collision.

Converging Lanes

When two lanes converge, the right of way does not go to the car three car lengths behind, even if that driver is more impatient.

Risky Moves

Remember, the time you save by making risky maneuvers is far less than the time you loose when you have an accident.


Getting a speeding tickets takes time. It's better to go the speed limit and hope you get an honest cop. Unfortunately we can't do anything about the dishonest cops and CHP who give speeding tickets to people who aren't speeding. But don't give them an excuse.

Yield to Pedestrians

I was attempting to make a right turn but waiting for a pedestrian as required by law. The driver of the BMW behind me blasted his horn. A horn is intended as a warning devise to avoid collisions, not a way for a BMW driver to say, "I'm an impatient jerk. Run over the old man. I don't care. I won't be the one in trouble." Can't we all be nice to one another. If this BMW driver slows down, he might live long enough to get old himself some day. Would he want some future BMW driver to run him over?

When Changing Lanes, Make Sure the New Lane is Empty

This has happened to me several times. I signal for a lane change and start slowly moving over. A car suddenly whips into the lane I'm moving into. So I abort my lane change and quickly start back to the original lane. But there is already a car in the lane that I hadn't left yet. Suddenly I'm squeezed between two car, the three of us in two lanes, and I have to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. I'm out of place, but the only one making a proper lane change. Please, look before you change lanes and make sure the lane is really empty before you move.

In late August 2010, this happened at about 5 MPH, almost creating an accident. This is not a safe or legal lane change.
To those who think they own the lane. You don't! The lanes belong to all of us equally.
Driving in Residential Areas I was working in my front yard when I heard a car horn. I looked up to see a car honking at my neighbor as he pulled into his driveway. I once had someone try to pass me on the left as I turned left into my driveway. This is just stupid. When driving in a residential area, drive slowly and expect cars to pull into driveways.
I needed to make a left turn. A car was sitting in the middle of the left turn lane about one hundred feet back from the intersection. I assumed he was trying to turn into a parking lot so I went around. I waited about 30 seconds for the green while the car continued waiting 60 feet behind me. The moment the light turned green, the car honked and followed me around the turn. If you don't know how to make a left turn, don't honk at someone who does. I needed to turn right into a gas station immediately after an intersection with a right turn only lane. I signaled and entered the intersection and started sliding right. As I turned into the gas station, the car behind honked. It was a legal and proper turn, the idiot shouldn't have advertised what he was.
One morning, within five minutes, I observed two different cars using the center turning lane as a passing lane. One of the cars drove the turning lane for over two blocks, which also required using the left turn lane for the other direction of travel. Come on folks. When you ruin someone's day by crashing head on into him/her, you also slow down the rest of us. Follow the rules and we'll all get to work safely.
The car in front of me stalled. I could tell that the driver was desperately trying to restart the car so I patiently waited. The driver behind didn't. He blasted the horn in a misguided belief that upon hearing a car horn, the stalled car would miraculously restart. I've been in this position before, the truth is, you make the driver nervous and less likely to restart a stalled car.

Save the horn for emergencies, not to express your impatience.
Caveman Looking for a Parking Space
I was trying to pull out of a parking space but I couldnt became a man was in the middle of the isle blocking me. He was also blocking another car trying to pull out on the other side. The woman behind him was honking for him to move because she was trying to get out of the lot.

The man refused to move. He was so intent on grabbing the next available space, he couldn't see that there were spaces all around him only waiting for him to get out of the way to be freed up. Another driver returned to her car and told him that she was about to leave. It didn't matter, he was blocking her too. Cars were stacking up on both sides. Eventually he backed up enough for the third car trying to get out but then she couldn't get past him. Eventually he got into her former space and the rest of us were able to move, freeing a number of spaces.

The point of the story is, he had a choice of spaces, had he stopped being such a caveman defending his cave and yielded.

The following is a collection of cars driven by rude, inconsiderate, or dangerous people.

Careless Move of the Month Award

Monday, July 21, 2014: 6:42 AM
Transition from 118 east to I-5 south
Gray MBW 335I, CA 7CME717
The lane was wide open ahead. Suddenly this car without signaling, switches lanes in front of me such that I needed to hit the breaks. The rule is, don't pull in front of someone if you can't go the same speed or faster. If you can't keep up, let the other car pass first.

Jerk of the Month Award

Friday, December 20, 2013: 7:20 AM
I-405 South bound about Lassen
Gray SUV of some kind, CA 7AVP002
The speed limit was not fast enough for this car while I traveled the same speed as the car ahead. This car first switched to high beams. Then to emphasize that he was angry, he passed me and moved back in front of me while his rear bumper was even with my windshield, forcing me to hit my breaks and into the carpool lane. This man is dangerous and should have his license revoked and car impounded.

Jerk of the Month Award

Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 110:50 AM
San Fernando Mission Boulevard, west of Balboa, west bound.
Gray Lexus, CA 6LGR167
The Lexus was behind and to the right in a "right turn only" lane. Rather than doing the correct thing and moving left behind me, he did three unsafe and/or illegal maneuvers. He passed on the right, continued straight through the "right turn only," and then made a very unsafe lane change at the far side of the intersection where there was not space to safely do this.

This falls into the "I drive a luxury car and can be rude to others" category. Remember, driving a luxury car does not automatically give you the right of way.

The Lexus passed on the right, in an intersection, and was rude and dangerous to go straight in a 'right turn only' lane.

Jerk of the Month Award

Friday, September 7, 2012: 6:23 AM
Interchange from 118 east to I-5 south.
Gray Chevrolet, CA license 6LRU811
Two lanes were converging. I was in a lane that was about to end and several car lengths ahead of the car in the other lane. Instead of yielding to me as he should have, he accelerated and passed me in the now one and a half wide lanes, almost driving me into the concrete wall.

Jerk of the Month Award

Actually I saw several people do this in a two day period, but this was the only license number I could read.

Monday, July 23, 2012: 6:47 PM.
Olympic on ramp to 405 Freeway north.
Black Lexus, CA 3FJZ616

A hundred cars were lined up to make a right turn from the turn lane to the right lane of the on ramp. A hundred cars were lined up to make a left turn from the turn lane to the left lane of the on ramp. If you drive luxury car or a hot car, you feel better than the rest of us and make a right turn from the going straight lane into the left lane of the on ramp, thus bypassing the 200 people who are patiently waiting their turn. This is what this man and a number of other did, showing that he was not better than the rest of us, but three steps lower.

Rude Driver of the Month *

White Lexus
Colorado plate 157GHA
Lankershim onramp to 101 south
8:10 AM: 11-22-11
As the two lanes of the on ramp merged, this man in the left lane, began moving right across the line, forcing me to move right into the shoulder and yield my right of way.

Please note, just because you drive a luxury car, this does not give you the right of way.

*Note, there were several candidates for this award, but I was unable to get the license numbers.

Unsafe Driver of the Month

Wednesday, November 2, 2011: 7:55 AM
170 Freeway south bound near Riverside Drive in North Hollywood.
Red Toyota truck, CA license 4E44579
Executed several unsafe lane changes.

Mr. Dangerous of the Month - September 2011

Chevrolet S10 Pickup, rust red color.
California license: 7K39545
7:50 AM, Monday, September 19, 2011
South bound 170 in North Hollywood near Burbank Boulevard
I was about three car lengths behind the car in front of me in the #2 lane. (Only the two left lanes stayed with this freeway after the upcoming interchange) This vehicle changed lanes and slowed in front of me without signaling in about two seconds, requiring me to break. About 30 seconds later, he did the same maneuver switching back. I was able to note the details of the car when the lane I was in moved ahead, leaving him behind for all his efforts.

Jerk of the Month, March 2011

It Doesn't Hurt to be Polite

CA license: 5YTV021
Black Ranger
3-29-11: 7:50 AM
Woodman south between Sherman Way and Victory
The traffic was slow and I held back a few seconds to allow a car to enter a driveway from the other direction. The driver of the car behind blasted his horn. Once I proceeded, I quickly caught up with the car that had been ahead of me since the traffic was still slow. We then waited almost two minutes for the same red light that we would have waited for had I not yielded behind the same car.

I'm sure had the driver behind me been the one turning, he would have wanted someone to yield to him.

Stupid Dangerous Idiot of the Month award for February 2011

February 12, 2011, 1:40 PM
Tampa Avenue, north, crossing over 118 Freeway, Porter Ranch
Red Mitsubishi
California vanity plates: YOSHIRO
I was traveling north in the number 2 lane at about 30 miles an hour in a 45 mph zone, preparing to turn right. This Red Mitsubishi was stopped in the number 1 lane and the brainless driver pulled into my lane about 50 feet in front of me. It was everything I could do to stop with just inches to spare. Folks, this is real dumb!!!
We don't do it that way here.
Florida plates, 788MEJ
Dark, Mercury Couger XR7, white rag top.
Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 9:45 am
Changed lanes out of carpool lane across double yellow lines, almost causing accident. Half a minute later, tried to change back but stopped when car behind honked because there were only two car lengths between, almost causing an accident a second time - in 30 seconds. Maybe they don't car pool in Florida.
I had just started a proper lane change when a car a little back made a quick lane change and came up fast. I aborted and started back to my original lane even though I wasn't required to. Only when the car honked for me to get out of his way did I complete the lane change in front of him. Since I wasn't speeding like the other car, I let him pass me. As the car passed, the passenger made mocking gestures. Can't we all be a little more polite?
LAPD crossed the double yellow line to enter the car pool lane. I've seen CHP give ordinary people tickets for this.
A hot new Corvette from Rydell Chevrolet used a very full parking lane to pass on the right, several times. Saturday 4-10-10, Balboa Blvd. North, between Chatsworth and Mission.
I was making a proper left turn from Tampa south to Devonshire east. The light had just turned yellow and I was about to complete my turn when I saw a car driving very fast toward me. I waited until the light was very red as the car, traveling about 60 in a 40 MPH tore through the intersection three seconds after the red. The Los Angeles Police car behind me did NOT pursue this car. Saturday, March 27, 2010, about 6:45 AM. And the CHP gives me a ticket exiting to use a bath room.

Jerk of the Month September, 2010

12:05 PM September 1, 2010.
City government car (maybe Parking Enforcement)
CA license 1112632
City vehicle number 02492
White Toyota Prius
Lane closed because of maintenance. Cars were alternating as they should. Only this city employee wouldn't yield right of way and forced ahead, two cars from his lane. He should be setting a good example, not a bad.
7th St southeast of Hill Street
Downtown Los Angeles

Impatient award for August 2010

Large black Chevy truck
California license 8V12806
Belonging to Kerwin Construction
7:05 AM, Tuesday, August 3, 2010
I-405 south at Olympic/Pico exit.

I was on the exit lane of the San Diego Freeway traveling the speed limit and preparing to exit. This driver was impatient. He changed lanes to pass me and since he was now out of time, cut back close in front of me to exit. He couldn't just be patient? So at the red light, I sat behind him instead of he behind me. Dangerous driving to be five seconds ahead.

Jerk of the Month July, 2010

July 23, 2010; 6:30 AM
Panel truck from Brody Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning Company
310-836-0606 & 323-870-8080
405 South near Devonshire
Increased speed from behind and refused to yield as lanes converged, nearly causing accident.

Jerk of the Month July, 2010 - runner up

July 23, 2010; 6:38 AM
405 South near Victory
CA license 6MNV291
Weaving and near-mis, almost caused accident
July 30, 2010; 6:30 AM
Gray car
CA license 5THT___
Entering 118 east at Tampa.
Refused to yield to the car several lengths ahead.

Jerk of the Month - May 2010

The Lane Belongs to All of Us. Or, Do unto others...

Male driver
Large dark colored SUV
California license plates, 5SPG090.
About noon, Monday (Memorial Day), May 31, 2010
On I-5 heading south, just north of the Fresno Co. line.
I always observe the speed limit and so was in the right lane when I came up behind a truck going the truck speed limit. I signaled to move to the left lane to make a legal pass of the truck when this selfish jerk increased speed just enough to cut of the space. I don't think he would like it if I had done the same to him.

Mr. Impatient for the month of April 2010

Male driver
Grey or black beat-up Nisson
CA plate 5JFZ598
Wednesday, April 14, 2010; 6:43 PM
Off-ranp from 118 west at Tampa.
I was waiting fo the light to turn green. Finally the cars moved forward and the car behind blasted the horn. I was able to note his license number since the light turned red again before the cars in ront reached the intersection. In other words, if I had stated forward before the car in front of me, as fast as any human can, we stil lwould have been in axactly the same place.

Jerk of the Month - December 2009

No Passing on the Right.

Male driver
Grey Pontiac Firebird
CA plate 6DND107
December 21, 2009: 4:59 PM
Winnetka Avenue North crossing the Bus Line.
Waited in the parking lane till the light turned green, then sped past. A mile later, this hot shot was still a few feet in front of me waiting or another light, despite me driving below the seed limit as he sped. When the light turned green, he passed the new car in front of him using the parking lane.

Jerk of the Month - July 2009

Don't be in such a hurry.

Dark Jeep
CA license: 4VLU102
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 : 8:23 PM
Traveling east between Reseda and Lindly.

I was traveling at 31 in a 35 and the car 150 feet ahead was traveling 32. This Jeep that had been behind me passed me and cut back, occupants shouting obscenities as it passed.
Mr Jeep, if you think I'm driving too slow, tell the CHP, they think I drive too fast.

Jerk of the Month - June 2009

Sorry, I only slowed down to turn.

White Subaru Impreza
CA license: 6FRY551
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 : 12:10 PM
Turning right from Tunny south bound to Devonshire west bound, in Northridge, California

As I slowed to a reasonable speed for turning a corner with a yield sign, this psyco gave a long angry blast on the horn as if to say that I should go so fast as to loose control. After the turn, he passed me by crossing a double yellow line.

Jerk of the Month - August 2008

Hey, This Lane Isn't Empty!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008; 4:07 pm
170 Freeway north, between Roscoe and I-5. In the east San Fernando Valley.
White Toyota Tundra pick-up truck
Oregon plates: 634CZL

Vehicle was to my right about 1/2 car length ahead. The driver was about even with my front bumper and I was about even with his rear bumper, with a half car overlap, when he started changing lanes without signaling into a lane that was not empty. I had to hit my breaks to avoid a collision.

Next time I hear of someone from Oregon complaining about California drivers, I have my own story.

Jerk of the Month - June 2008

It's My Lane!
This man so felt that he owned the lane, that he tried to run me into the shoulder and the sound wall. Two lanes were converging and it was my right of way and his front bumper was about even with my rear tire, but he started moving over anyway, forcing me to the shoulder.
Ms. Impatient.
Monday, June 30, 2008, 6:58 am Turning right from Riverside Drive (east) to Lankershim (south). Woman in small black car, CA 5DDX643. Impatient for me to run over a pedestrian crossing in front of me as I waited to make a right turn.

Jerk of the Month - November 2007

Mister Impatient.
Monday, November 19, 2007, 5:05 PM
Devonshire Boulevard, west bound, at Lindly.
California license # 5EMK402. Dark Lincoln Navigator - SUV.
Continuous blast of the horn starting one half second after the light turned green

Jerk of the Month - July 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007, approximately 6:50 AM
Golden State Freeway ( I-5) south bound, near the interchange splitting off the Hollywood Freeway.
California license # 8H00784. White mid-size pickup.
I was politely yielding to another car that needed to change lanes and take the Hollywood Freeway south. The car was running out of time and was about to end up on the wrong freeway. This extremely rude impatient driver disapproved of my yielding and stated flashing his high-beams, then changed lanes and sped past. What happened to courtesy?

Jerk of the Month - October 2006

I first noticed this man as he drove only inches behind me. I could not see anything below the bottom of his windshield. When I was about 25 feet ahead of the car in the next lane, this car squeezed between, endangering all three cars. He then moved only a few feet ahead of me before cutting in front, again, dangerously close. When I took the photo, he mocked me. Later as he exited, he arrogantly waved. He should have his license revoked and car impounded before he kills someone. CA 5GER588. Sunday, October 29, 2006, 8:55 AM, east on 118 Freeway between 405 and 5 Freeways.
CA 5GER588
After I pulled back.
CA 5GER588 Mocking
Mocking me for taking this photo.
CA 3WAV761 This car driving the Pearblossom Highway about 7:00 am on February 2, 2005, honked because we were only going five miles over the speed limit and trying to pull over.
License number: CA 3WAV761.
CA 5SHH237 We were trying to enter the I-5 Freeway south from State Highway 33 in Fresno County about 1:05 pm on Monday, March 28, 2005. This car was in the right lane and would not yield as the on-ramp became the shoulder. My wife was driving and this car almost ran us off the road.
License number: CA 5SHH237.

March 12, 2005 9:00 am. I-5 south bound rest stop south of Camp Pendalton. While everyone else waited their turn, this driver squeezed around.
Drives for a Living
On Wednesday, August 10, 2005, about 6:00 am, I was fast, but wasn't fast enough making a turn. The driver started honking, then told me to learn to drive. I thanked him for the suggestion and he told me he drives for a living. As he turned into Universal Studios, it all made sense to me. He is a studio driver. He reports to work, checks out a vehicle, drives to location, and sleeps for 14 hours. Then he returns the vehicle to the studio, clocks out, and hangs out at a biker bar all night. He doesn't understand how someone like me might be tired. I work a 12 hour day, go home to work 2 more, then get 5 hours sleep, and start it all again. I'm sorry if I'm not fast out of the gate a 6AM. He was driving a white Honda, CA 3UCZ649. He was an older man who will not reach retirement age if he doesn't learn to control his stress.
just Crazy
Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 7:00 AM, medium rain, Hollywood Way at Wynona, in Burbank, on the east side of the airport. Woman in a white sports car, California license 5PYE100. The traffic light wasn't functioning so was flashing red, which means to treat it as a stop sign. The woman was traveling north and crossed the intersection. Then she slammed on the breaks on a wet road almost causing the vehicle behind to collide. Then made an illegal U-turn across two double yellow lines, cutting into traffic from the south bound lanes. Then went through the flashing red light without slowing down, all in a wet street. This is how accidents happen.
Left Turn from Right Lane
Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 5:50 PM, Hollywood Way north to Alameda west, in Burbank. Man in a silver sports car, California vanity plate . There were two left turn lanes and this man was not in either of them when he made a left turn, cutting in front of me from the right, almost causing a collision. He then entered the 134 Freeway west and exited an Lankershim. I guess when you drive a fancy sports car, you don't have to follow the rules. Note: in December of 2008 after seeing this page, this driver, a woman in a cap, apologized.
Stupid BMW Driver
Sunday, December 18, 2005, 9:55 am; San Diego Freeway (I-405) south bound through Sepulveda Pass near Getty Center. California plate 5MMZ769. I once heard a joke, 'What is the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?" Answer, "With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside." This BMW definitely had a porcupine quill on the inside. This single occupant vehicle weaved through all freeway lanes, including the car-pool lane and crossing a double yellow line. Despite his efforts, he got trapped in a slow lane and a minute after this photo, he was behind me trying again to pass me.
Road Rage - I-405 5MMZ769
Unsafe Lane Changer
Sunday, March 19, 2006, 10:09 AM, San Diego Freeway (I-405) south bound through Sepulveda Pass near Getty Center. California plate 5MTK335 Honda Odyssey SUV/Mini-Van, bought in Thousand Oaks, CA. I was a safe but not excessive distance from the vehicle in front of me and going with the flow of traffic. This driver somehow felt the need to change lanes from behind me, pass me, and squeeze in to the space in front of me, now making it dangerous, cutting me off, all to get one car ahead. Why are people so rude and dangerous to pass one car in this way, gaining little?
Road Rage I-405 CA5MTK335
Caveman Looking for a Parking Space
I was trying to pull out of a parking space but I couldn't because a man was in the middle of the isle blocking me. He was also blocking another car trying to pull out on the other side. The woman behind him was honking for him to move because she was trying to get out of the lot.

The man refused to move. He was so intent on grabbing the next available space, he couldn't see that there were spaces all around him only waiting for him to get out of the way to be freed up. Another driver returned to her car and told him that she was about to leave. It didn't matter, he was blocking her too. Cars were stacking up on both sides. Eventually he backed up enough for the third car trying to get out but then she couldn't get past him. Eventually he got into her former space and the rest of us were able to move, freeing a number of spaces.

The point of the story is, he had a choice of spaces, had he stopped being such a caveman defending his cave and yielded.

CHP Click for Video Clip of a CHP cars driving irratically.
Of course, if you are California Highway Patrol, you can drive erratically. July 10, 2016 at 3:00 PM, I-405, north bound, north of Sherman Way in Van Nuys, CA.

Parking Lot Click for Video Clip of car cutting through spaces.
Careful in parking lots. Don’t assume you are the only car. July 24, 2016 at 8:45 AM, Parking lot at Tampaa Avenue and Rinaldi Street in Northridge, California.

Pushy Click for Video Clip of pushy cars.
This happens here almost every day. The car should merge before the dashed line stops, but they always want the extra few car lengths, slowing down the cars trying to exit on the off-ramp. July 27, 2016 at 6:55 AM, 170 Freeway sout hat Riverside off-ramp in North Hollywood, California.

7JCP044 Click for Video Clip of California plate 7PJC044.
You will notice that I could have charged ahead of the van had I chose to, but yielded. This black SUV objected to me getting into a lane some distance ahead because he was going way too fast. So he passed and cut me off just to do it, then switched to the other lane. I was courteous to the van and yielded, this driver was a total jerk. California license 7PJC044, August 5, 2016 at 7:20 AM, I-118 east bound, east of Tampa.

Too Close Click for Video Clip of a car changing lanes too close.
When changing lanes, you are suppose to be a safe distance ahead of the car in the lane you are moving into. This car's rear bumper was about even with my front seat before moving into me, forcing me to slow down (as you can see from the video). This is not a safe lane change and a cause of many accidents. New car with no plates. August 15, 2016 at 5:18 PM, I-5 north, south of Terra Bella Avenue, Arlita, Califoria.

reluctant lane changer Click for Video Clip of a reluctant lane changer.
This happens here almost every day. The cars should merge before the dashed line stops, but they always want the extra few car lengths. Watch how many easy opportunities this pickup passed up to get a few cars ahead, then crossed a solid line and made me wait while he forced his way in after he should have at the last second. August 19, 2016 at 7:05 AM, 170 Freeway south at Riverside off-ramp, North Hollywood, California.

Left Turns Click for Video Clip of cars moving out of turn.
This seems rather simple, but the cars turning left did not have the right of way, but just kept coming and the vehicle in front of me had to yield to cars that were going out of turn. August 19, 2016 at 5:50 PM, west bound Riverside Drive, west of Lankershim in North Hollywood, California.

5UJZ403 Click for Video Clip of California plate 5UJZ403.
As I got into my car, there were no moving cars in the aisle. I backed out slowly since my view was blocked by other cars and I wanted to allow reaction time for anyone who might have entered the aisle as I got in and started. When I was far out enough to see, a car was just entering some distance off os I continued. As you can see from the video, when I was almost completely out of the space, the car squeezed in behind me requiring me to wait. You can see the car pulling into a space at the end. When I asked him what was his problem, he asked if I was in a hurry. I said "Yes, what was your excuse?" The moral is, when you are in a parking lot, expect people to pull out of spaces and slow down and yield. I would have yielded to him had the situation been reversed. Did he save that much time risking damage to both cars. California license 5UJZ403, September 2, 2016 at 4:40 PM, Rinaldi and Tampa in Northridge.

6CFV550 Click for Video Clip of a car making an illegal pass
First, this car is behind me in the traffic lane. It crosses two solid lines to move to the on-off ramp. Then after passing dozens of cars, it crosses two more solid lines to move back into the traffic lanes. Not only did he make two illegal lane changes and use an off ramp as a passing lane, but then he impeded traffic by blocking the off-ramp while he tried to merge back into traffic. California plates 6CFV550, September 23, 2016, 6:55 AM, 170 south exit at Riverside.

Total Jerk Click for Video Clip of a Total Jerk.
This pickup driver was so aggressive that he had to drive on the shoulder to pass me. Then he waited till the last moment to cross a double solid line to merge, long after he should have.

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